SyncSpy is a mobile monitoring solution comprising an app that needs to be installed on the target device, and a dedicated web panel which allows advanced device monitoring and remotely controlling / initiating specific actions on the device.

Once the software is installed and activated on the target device, all visible signs of the application completely disappears and becomes 100% untraceable. This has been tested thoroughly for Android and iOS devices. However, in order to use SyncSpy, the target mobile device needs to be rooted (Android) / jailbreak (iOS).


  • Call Recording & Ambient Recording
    Call recording starts as soon as call is initiated or recieved by the target device. The target device's microphone can be activated remotely through the web panel andthe ambient sound can be recorded and sent to the panel without alerting the target user of this activity
  • Device Data
    All device data like contacts, SMS, iMessages, call logs, photos, videos, location, files, installed applications and internet browsing history are synced with the web panel from the target device.
  • Tracking Social Media Communication
    All social media communication from Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Skype, VKSocial and WhatsApp made to and from the target device is uploaded to the web panel.
  • Completely Untraceable Post-Activation
    Once the application is installed and activated on the rooted target device, it becomes completely invisible and untraceable. It is impossible to locate it on the target device.
  • Dedicated Web Panel for Data Monitoring
    A dedicated web panel is provided for monitoring the data captured from the target device and also for issuing remote commands to the target device as per requirement. The panel is also useful for managing the files that have been captured from the target device.
  • Real Time Monitoring
    The real time activity of the target device can be tracked from the web panel including calls, app usage, internet browsing, etc. Real time notifications will be provided to the user with alerts for calls, messages or monitor number.
  • Remote Configuration
    User can set monitor number / observer number of the target phone from the web panel.