SHIELDCRYPT is a secure communication solution designed for organizations, closed groups and individuals where the need for protecting the data is the highest priority. With military grade encryption and end-to-end security, SHIELDCRYPT has immense potential to revolutionize secure communication like never before.

The SHIELDCRYPT solution comprises secure calling and secure instant messaging where the users can interact and share files without worrying about data theft. The system is centrally managed with the help of an admin panel for the organization and a super admin access.


  • Secure Voice Call
    All of our VOIP calls are secure and rock-solid so there is no concern about eavesdropping of conversations.
  • Secure Instant Messaging & Voice Message
    With our Secure Messaging, you can send a message over any data channel that is available on the mobile device. You can share files, contacts, location, photos, audio, video, etc securely.
  • Secure Group Conversations
    Group Chat allows several users (in a validated group) to collaborate in a single conversation through an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical interface
  • Secure User Authentication
    Users have to be activated with the use of licenses and conversations can only be initiated once key exchange has been successfully completed. This ensures greater security of communication between users.
  • Exclusive Message Features
    Messages can be configured to self destruct in a predefined time. Message states can also be viewed and priority states can be assigned to messages to make them more relevant.
  • Notifications
    If the app is closed or is running in the background, the SHIELDCRYPT system sends push notifications to the mobile devices alerting them about the new messages.
  • Scalable
    SHIELDCRYPT is easily scalable for any closed group size. New users can be incorporated into the group by getting validation through Administrator.
  • Branding & White Labeling
    Branding as well as White Labeling can be done with the SHIELDCRYPT system wherein appropriate changes can be done to the visual interface. We can also include a custom encryption system if you have one with you.