Mobile Secure Communication Solution
To protect your Voice communication, SMS, Instant Messages (IM) or File Transfer against interception, Advantal proposes the complete end to end encryption portfolio that provides persistent protection of all communication at all critical points in its lifecycle. Our solution ensures end to end encryption of Voice Calls, Instant Messages and SMS’s. Solution offers.
  • Combination of Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography for protection of Voice Calls, SMSs, File Transfer and Instant Messages.
  • High quality real time voice with minimal latency and delays.
  • Protection against vulnerabilities and possible attacks.
  • Echo cancellation techniques for removing echo in voice transfer.

  • Solution ensures secure communication in a highly secured mode what Advantal calls it as “Trustworthy Security”.
    Encryption platform provides layered security of mobile communication against any interception attempt done by private, government or any agency for Voice, SMS and Instant Messages. Solution is available for both iOS and Android based devices. Unique keys, established for every communication, are used to encrypt the text messages, instant messages and call. All information is transmitted in encrypted mode during the connection.
    To counter interception vulnerabilities of standard SMS and IM, Advantal Secure Mobile Communication Solution includes a secure messaging feature which brings end-to-end encryption to textual messages directly between Android and iPhone smartphones. Designed for real-time, short-lived messages, similar to information exchanged via voice calls, Mobile Solution delivers encrypted messages directly when both parties are connected. This avoids the storing and forwarding of messages, which users typically don’t want when sending time-sensitive information, preferring instead that the messages be sent immediately and deleted as soon as read. Secure Mobile Communication Solution delivers encrypted voice calls using government-certified public key and symmetric cryptography and its secure messaging uses the same architecture but sends text data, rather than voice data.
    Solution also supports encrypted File Transfers which include audio files, video files and other file formats.
    Devices : iPhone, Android
    Compatible Networks : WI-FI, 3G, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA
    International Calls : Full support for international calls and worldwide roaming
    Encryption Algorithms : RSA 2048 bits, Diffie Hellman 4096, MD5, AES 256
    Features : Voice Calls, Instant Messages, SMS’s and File Transfer.