Element Management System
An Element Management System consists of systems and applications for managing network elements (NE). Advantal’s element management system's key functionality is divided into five key areas - fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS).
Advantal Element Manager is a server application with a web based graphical user interface that supports fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security.
Key features of the solution includes
  • Fault Management: Fault management tracks software alarm conditions within the associated network elements and other events involving configuration changes, the general system, hardware, processes and performance statistics.
  • Configuration Management: Configuration management provides centralized configuration for critical functions such as networking, core operations, SNMP (simple network management protocol) trap receivers and policy management across network elements.
  • Performance Management: Performance management provides real-time measurements regarding system resource utilization andapplication-layer services on network elements:
    • System resource utilization − measurements for each installed module, including system-wide CPU (central processing unit), memory and storage utilization for both control and application modules deployed in network.
    • Application-layer services − information on the performance of application servers, databases and other important components running on servers.
  • Security Management: Security management allows configuration of security settings. Access security to Element Manager is enhanced by Role based access control as well as complex password rules and an audit log of all user transactions.
  • Service Provisioning: Advantal Element Manager supports service provisioning which aims to make services like SMS, MMS, VMS and others available to telecom subscribers. Solution provides the following.
    • Inventory management support – involves maintaining record of the resources installed in the sub network to provide the necessary VAS services. It includes information on locations, quantities of equipment, model numbers, serial numbers, installation date and other information.
    • provisioning support which involves the creation of specific connections or the enabling of specific subnetwork features.

Advantal EMS supports the following interfaces :

  • SNMP: SNMP interface used for integration with SMSC, OTA, MMSC, VMS and other systems. This interface is also used to send traps to an NMS fault management system.
  • ODBC/JDBC: This interface is used for bulk data transfer to either the EMS report generator or to external analysis and reporting application.
  • Bidirectional CORBA interface to send filtered alarms to fault management system.

Following are some of the Alarms and Notifications generated by the sub systems and supported in Advantal Element Manager

CPU Utilization, Network Utilization, Storage Disk Utilization, Link Utilization (SS7/Sigtran Link), Submission of SMS on SS7/Sigtran, Delivery of SMS on SS7/Sigtran, MMS Submission, MMS Acceptance, MMS Delivery, Application Server Status, Database Status, VMSSMSCConnectivityFailure