Big Data may not mean much in itself. Advantal helps analyze the extracted data to make sense to your business world. This section of work involves improving your business intelligence factor by making the best use of the available structured data. Our expertise in this realm includes solutions like Pentaho and Intellicus which offer ad-hoc reporting to Greenplum which provides for massive parallel processing data requirements. These solutions help us deliver solutions that provide sound business insights across enterprises. Read on to know why you can count on us.
  • Advantal aims at delivering result oriented solutions. So here we first understand the volume and type of data that needs to be intercepted and extracted.
  • Understanding the speed at which the data is shared at its peak time is critical. This gives us a fair view of the expected efficiency of the final integrated system.
  • Standardize the Big Data to feed the analysis phase.
  • We apply the required analytics algorithms to bring out the patterns projected by the data.
  • Data visualizations tools help bring out the final presentation that is readable and useful to make sound business decisions.
Welcome Intelligence with Advantal Big Data Solutions.