Social technology is among the latest adoptions by business across sectors in a bid to make their campaign more relevant and effective. Designing this new business model and smooth transitioning is critical to make a totally profitable deal. Advantal brings to you expertise in strategizing and deciding on social technologies and tools.
Assessing the Potential of Social Technology
Advantal believes in implementing every solution to its fullest potential this calls for a thorough understanding of all the aspects of the solution by all the players. Read through to know the different level of activities we undertake in making this happen:
  • Explaining the complete overview of social technology and the challenges it brings along particularly keeping in mind the vertical to which a particular business belongs to.
  • Explains the ROI which comes with the Social technology implementation
  • Identify the functional and performance challenges in the current system
  • Based on the above discussions and parameters, strategies are established and social technologies are introduced and integrated to the current process.
    We aim at building on the effectiveness of the assets to bring around maximum returns.
  • Our promising approach gives way to successful development and deployment which makes Advantal the ideal choice for social technologies. We give due attention all facets of implementation to maximize ROI.
  • Advantal helps enterprises in transforming their business processes with exception handling and improved ways of handling data with social applications.
  • Our experience and expertise gives the advantage of deploying a social platform of your choice including the most commonly used Microsoft SharePoint to the emerging Cisco Quad.
  • Advantal follows content integration specific approach to keep it all on the same board. This way every resource and process is accessible and understandable from the one point of source which leads to a massive reduction in cost.
  • Connectors form an essential part of our integrated system and we work on providing efficient solutions on this front for both structured and unstructured data.Our solutions targets transforming your business from every perspective and here’s how we achieve this:
  • We help you build on the feedbacks and ratings from your customers to better effectiveness and consumer connect.
  • Productivity improves by leaps and bounds with yourself, your employees and your partners on the same page every moment.
  • Better Support services with improved transparency and understanding on requests and calls to be answered.
Allow Advantal to Redefine your Enterprise with Social Technologies