Storage of data takes place at every level for reasons varying from security to Business Intelligence. And this data only gets bigger and bigger with each passing day. Advantal works towards developing solutions that make strategizing business goals a cakewalk across enterprises. Our solutions aim at taking in to account every aspect and parameter of the data set for higher efficiency and precision.Make the best use of your Big Data Power with Advantal. Read on, as we throw light on our working and offerings in this segment. We have classified our work in to broadly three areas: firstly,aluation, secondly, Architecture and thirdly, Development and Maintenance.

Phase 1: Evaluation
Evaluating your business goals is the first step of this bi-fold process. We do this by understanding your business requirements and goals. Next is identifying the right technology and defining Big Data roadmap that will make the most of your available resources. We are a vendor neutral firm who base our suggestions on technology know-how and expertise in the domain. We work towards evaluating and discussing the best vendors or open source solutions depending on the conditions that are laid out.

Meeting your objective and moving towards fulfilling your goals are the only driving factors which enable us in helping you make promising choices.

Phase 2: Architecture
Advantal brings to you the benefit of experience and expertise in the realm of architecture and design. We work towards designing scalable, portable, adaptable and low maintenance solutions. Our three-fold objective in this segment is as follows:
  •  Accessing the whole reservoir of frameworks and patterns - this helps us make the ideal choice for your settings.
  •  Work toward automating processes for improving system performance and quality of data presentation.
  •  Low maintenance designs that can easily incorporate changes which may happen down the lane.
Phase 3: Development and Maintenance
Our vision is to develop products that will bring out the full potential of our customers. Our development consists of two stages namely: prototyping and implementation. We aim at simulating the final product keeping all the requirements and constraints in view. Once this phase is successful, the implementation is sure to bear the desired results on completion. Read on to know how we make this phase a success story.
  • We work with the leading software vendors and develop applications catering across enterprises and data types.
  • We work on incorporating the best connectors or components in your Big Data for effective data flow from between data sources and target systems. We consider performance as a major criterion in this segment to avoid loss of data or reduction in processing speed due to slow data transfer.
  • Advantal offers you a complete Big Data package wherein your data is fully cleaned and profiled before data mining and analysis takes place. This avoids issues of redundancy and insufficiency to the maximum.
Maintaining your system productivity is the final and running phase. Here we stand between you and technology to harness the most out of your investments. We achieve this by practicing cost-effective services.
  • Post installation and configuration we work on monitoring the performance of the system and fine tune it to give you the best results.
  • Advantal offers enhancements and ongoing support operations to bridge and technology or functional gaps post production.