Enterprise Mobility
Last few decades have witnessed an explosion of technology and one of the major driving forces behind these latest developments was ‘mobility of information.’ Advantal works towards developing solutions across platforms and devices which are rich in architecture and design with high level of efficiency and competitive features.
Our innovative instincts help us deliver complete products taking in to account both sides of the business fulcrum – the business professionals and consumers. A productive work environment on the go designed to help make the best use of time for your employees and customers alike.
Our Focus Areas:
  • Helping you achieve mobility in totality, i.e. delivering solutions that an efficient and versatile enough to be accessed anytime, anywhere by your people. This segment aims at increasing your accessibility radius across time and location.
  • Efficient applications that are developed with the latest visual development environments. This goes a long way in delivering stable solutions that can be modified at ease.
  • Promising information availability with cloud and other virtual storage options.
  • Focus on customizing solutions to secure information stored and shared.
  • Sharpens the delivered products by personalizing them to fit your bill of business requirements and purpose.
  • Product support and evaluation to keep your performance and usability factors in good stead.
  • We adopt smart implementation strategies that help us work across operating systems, languages and mobile devices and deliver solutions that are cost effective and up to the industry standards.
  • Designed with the future of mobility in view, to last through the changing enterprise mobility trends.