Production Support

The delivery of a production ready solution is only half work done. We walk with you through the thick and thin thereafter. We help you sustain with a range of services including version release, upgrades and technical support. We aim at providing affordable support and work towards keeping your system up and running round the clock. Read on as we throw light on how we make this happen.

Maintenance Arena

  • Resolving any technical issue in production is taken on priority. We apply all our expertise in to timely assistance for the smooth running of client systems.
  • Temporary fixes or workarounds are delivered within hours of the first incident occurrence report.
  • We offer both remote and on-site services based on the severity and other client parameters.

Strategic Improvement Plan

  • We proactively work on fine tuning the performance and design of the delivered products.
  • Changing business requirements are taken in to account when designing solutions to optimize the software
  • Efficiency of the system is closely monitored to maintain its high responsiveness.

Software Updates

  • Regular work on the solution calls for version releases which are aimed at improving the performance of the software.
  • Defect fixes and new versions are deployment in the production environment hassle free by our support team.
Our client centric approach aims at allowing you to lean on us on affordable and trustworthy terms.
"Lean Confidently as we Support you Every Step of the Way"