Internet revolutionized the world with speedy and precise data transfer across time zones and times. Security of data across storage and transfer called for the emergence of the technology called cryptography which involves encryption and decryption of data. We at Advantal deliver solutions based on several cryptographic algorithms like _________ & ______________ to protect data which works on a critical entity called the key. Every encryption and decryption process begins and ends with the key. Storage and safety of key forms a crucial part of this data security technology. Here is how we help you protect yourself by deciding on the parameters listed below.
  • Key generation and destruction
  • Storage of keys
  • Protection of keys
Advantal offers both symmetric and asymmetric encryption solutions. Symmetric solutions use a secret key while asymmetric solutions offer a public and a private key pair which improves the security quotient when practiced appropriately. In later case if the public key is used to encrypt, the matching private key is needed to decrypt using the same algorithm. When the private key is used to encrypt the matching public key can be used to decrypt the message. Encryption key management forms the basis of effective data security. There is no one solution that answers all key management problems. Every company needs to identify problems specific to their environment and implement a plan that suits their profile. Our team of experts helps you make the right set of decisions with well researched and strategic solutions that aim at effective key management and improved data security. Get Your Data Secured Intelligently with Advantal