Syslog Server
Advantal’s SysLog server monitors incoming Syslog messages and decodes the messages for logging purposes.
Detailed features list of Advantal’s SysLog Server:
  • Ready for IPv4 and IPv6 networks.
  • Supports syslog over UDP and over TCP.
  • Processing syslog in 24/7 mode as a linux service.
  • Allows you to view syslog data remotely from anywhere with secure Web access, and enables you to create and save custom views using custom filters and highlighting rules.
  • It enables you to create advanced alerts based on syslog message content, message volume, or meta data and perform conditional email alerting.
  • It enables you to connect easily to the database of your choice with universal connectivity to JDBC-compliant databases, giving you complete flexibility for external reporting and analysis.
  • It enables you to automatically send email, forward messages, trigger audible alarms, send SNMP trap messages, and page IT staff based on syslog message content.
  • Syslog Server allows you to schedule automated log archival, clean-ups, and scripts, including options for compression and encryption which allow you to comply with log retention requirements in SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and other regulations.
  • Syslog Server enables you to perform pre- and post- processing of syslog messaging.
  • It facilitates performing advanced message filtering by host name, host IP address, priority, message text keyword, or time of day.
  • Makes it simple and easy to view and produce graphs of syslog statistics over specific time periods.
  • High-performance architecture allows the syslog sever to process several thousands of syslogs per second.
  • Secure logging using SSL/TLS.