Voice mail systems make phone systems more powerful and flexible by allowing conversations and information to pass between parties, even when both aren't present. Once the user has subscribed to VMS, all incoming calls to the user can be diverted to VMS on following different conditions
  • Call Forwarding to VMS when Busy: If user is busy attending a call and in the same time if new call comes, all incoming new calls will be diverted to VMS if this facility has been setup by the user.
  • Call Forwarding to VMS when No Answer: If there is no one to attend the incoming call, then user can set to divert the incoming call to VMS after X ring tones.
  • Default Call Forwarding: When setting this facility, call will be diverted to VMS when Busy and No Answer.

Product Features
Building on Advantal Technologies' core SS7 expertise the Advantal-VMS solution provides a highly flexible, configurable and scalable carrier grade VMS.
User Subscription: Solution supports various modes for user subscription. User can subscribe for the Voicemail Box via following ways

  • User can make a USSD request for activation of the VMS services.
  • Performance and Scalability is provided through a distributed architecture that supports linear growth without compromising mission critical service and capacity availability.
  • SMSC Integration:VMS Solution is integrated with the SMSC. It sends SMS Notification to the user for every new voice mail. It also sends SMS notification when user’s voice mail storage has crossed the threshold quota.
  • CDR Generation: System generates CDR for the various transactions executed on the VMS. There are various parameters which are captured in the CDR. CDR’s are stored in the database which in turn can be exported in CSV file format.
  • Reporting : VMS has an intuitive reporting module for generating various kind of reports.
  • Alarm Management: VMS support SNMP based alarm management.
  • Security Controls: Product is modularized with super admin to have separation of duty for various sub admin.
  • User can also activate services by sending SMS to a pre defined number.
  • User can also activate services by visiting a web page hosted as part of VMS solution where user can request for the services.
  • Voice Mail to Email: VMS integrates with Email Server. SMTP protocol is used for integration of VMS with the Email Server.
  • USSD Based Voice Mail Management:Subscriber can perform tasks like replay voice mails, activate voice mail services, shuffle between the various voice mails and others. All these activities will be USSD based for Voice Mail management.
  • Secure Access to Voice Mail:User has to setup a PIN in order to access the Voice Mails.
  • Storage Alarm: Admin can setup size of user’s voice mailbox.
  • Black/White List: Admin can configure Black and White list for restricting VMS service to set of users.
  • Auto Deletion: There will be a defined time interval at which the stored voice mail messages will be deleted from the system.
  • Greeting Messages: There will be a default Greeting Message played by the system once the user has activated the service.
  • Missed Call Alert Module: Advantal’s VMS solution has a Missed Call Alert Module. This feature will be activated in cases where a caller disconnects the call before recording the voice mail messages.