Architecture and Design

At Advantal the Architecture and Design segment aims to create architectures that are scalable, infallible, reliable and efficient across environments and interfaces. Our hard work on this front is what makes the final product worth your investment.

Product Development

System Overview
Visualization of the system framework is our preliminary step. This phase involves thoroughly reading and realizing the intricacies of the system from a high level view. The purpose and role of the final product is comprehensively understood at this opening step.

Well Planned Designing
We lay the building blocks of our design on the complete requirement set. Both the functional and non-functional requirements of the solution are taken in to account while deciding on the architectural parameters and designing patterns. This systematic approach goes a long way in creating an optimal product.

Well Reasoned Logic
Reasoning out every step and process is one of our strongholds. Assumptions are clearly stated and discussed. Descriptions are added for every field and decision changes. This gives a clear understanding of why certain decisions were made and makes communication at every level clear and crisp.

Designed for Scalability
This phase can be called “Slicing the Cake”. Every complex and simple process is efficiently handled while leaving enough room for improvement. The architecture design slices the product vertically and horizontally to form components that are placed one after the other to form the ultimate solution. Implementation of changes now requires you to change a few components instead of shaking up the whole product.

Low Maintenance
Prediction of possible changes and scope for improvements helps us give you solutions with minimal maintenance cost.